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Journal - The enticement of oblivion
Chapter One – The preamble.
Clarke's Three Laws are three "laws" of prediction formulated by the British writer Arthur C. Clarke. They are:
When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Entry 1 – Day 1 – The beginning of it all.
For better or worse, I have found myself in another world. The events of today are just like those out of a novel; it all started like any other normal workday until something occurred. I say something rather than naming it specifically as I am still unsure what it was; be it a wormhole, time or space travel or death. I may be in another part of the universe, another reality or simply strande
:iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0
Marble Justice by CerberusDog Marble Justice :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0 Warrior Maiden Statue by CerberusDog Warrior Maiden Statue :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0 Statue by CerberusDog Statue :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0 River Nymph by CerberusDog River Nymph :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0
Intimate Thoughts Missed
A tender kiss,
The smell of your hair,
Caressing your face and lips,
Holding you close and feeling your heart beat,
The warmth behind your eyes,
The scent of your body after a shower,
Knowing you're there when I sleep,
Knowing you'll be there when I wake,
Never saying 'goodbye' but only 'until later',
The oneness I feel when with you,
The complete trust and safety I have when in your arms,
The way we hide nothing from each other,
Making you smile a special smile you have just for me,
These are the things I miss, the intimacy I seek.
:iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0
Tea service
Sitting with a cup of tea
Letting worries drift away with each sip
Smelling the aroma of the tranquil liquid
Letting it's peaceful taste move you to a relaxed state
Imaging the charm and solitude of being poured a cup by a silent tea-server
Letting her perfume mix with the tea's natural aroma
Smiling knowingly at each other without a word spoken
Letting the warmth fill you until the last drop
Her delicate features as she carefully pours another cup of tea
The softness of her skin as she passes you the porcelin container
Her sheepish smile as she realises of the connection
The tea grows cold as you gently embrace and find another type of tranquil solace.
:iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0
The furies revisited
Tempation waits beside an apple tree
Dressed in gossamer she smiles innocently
She offers forbidden fruit with a glace and a twinkle in her eye
She smells of a warm summer breeze and her long hair glimmers in the sunlight
Chastity waits ever so coyly by the riverbank
She smiles shyly but continues to watch with interest
She clothes herself in a summer dress announcing her femininity
Her playful innocence and naiviaty is mixed with subconcious seduction
Between them rests their sister Hope
She sits and then lies on the soft earth
She basks in the warmth of the world
Her beauty stems from happines and her smile brings joy to all
She wears neither seductive gossamer nor chaste linen
Those who hold her in their hearts sit beside her and share stories of the ever-changing world.
:iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 1 0
Untitled Dryad
A dryad dancing across a field
Her sun-kissed lips singing a song
She doesn't wait for time to pass her by
She doesn't wait for her white knight
Her thoughts are of romance and her sweet melody is of finding love
Tattooed flowers of silver cover her arms
Her eyes sparkle with the joy of living
She is hunted forever by men by alas her mythical nature means she is unobtainable
Her rapturous beauty entwining unbidden the hearts of those she smiles at
She laughs and dances by sunlight and moonlight, letting her skin embrace the summer air.
:iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 1 0
Lilith by CerberusDog Lilith :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0
A Dreamer's Girl
A dark-haired quiet girl
Sitting with a novel on her lap
Quoting poetry to passing sparrows
Contemplating romantic escapades
A dark-haired pretty girl
Dancing around tress
Laughing with all her heart
Relaxing under a blanket
A dark-haired thoughtful girl
Showing compassion to small kittens
Stomping around in her boots
Tying ribbons in her hair
A dark-haired playful girl
Drawing art over her body
A slender smiles crossing her lips
Intriguing the beholder of her beauty
:iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0
Kitten III by CerberusDog Kitten III :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0 Kitten II by CerberusDog Kitten II :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0 Kitten by CerberusDog Kitten :iconcerberusdog:CerberusDog 0 0


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New Zealand
Occam's Razor - Given two equally predictive theories, choose the simpler.


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